Visiting the Kingdom of Sweden

In August our virtual tour of different cuisines found us in Sweden. {And considering how hot it is in the south right now I wish we were REALLY there!!} The Kingdom of Sweden is it’s official name ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf since 1973. Bordering on Finland and Norway it is a country of differences – differences in climate, differences in geography. Dryer than many countries of it’s latitude, Sweden has much warmer winters than many parts of Russia, Canada, and the northern United States. It is Sweden we have to thank for Smörgåsbord, a lavash buffet serving, and Swedish Meatballs, which became a party must-have in the 70s. But the cuisine is simple with few spices and lots of fish and potatoes. Did our visitors find the food to their liking? Let’s look at our Smörgåsbord!

We will start with Chaya’s dish since Sweden was her choice for August.

Chaya made

65 sausage potato Swedish patties

Chaya called these a guilty pleasure. I can well imagine!


From Rebecca, our newest traveler, we have


Knäckebröd, a seeded cracker. Rebecca and her family raise goats and make cheese so it didn’t surprise me at all that she served these crackers with Goat Cheese!


Joanne of Apple Crumbles baked up some beautiful rye bread, or


Ragbrod. She served it with Chevre Rondelle cheese which she said was HEAVEN!!


Peggy gave us a main dish with her


Swedish Sailor’s Beef and Potato Casserole It looks filling and hearty. And easy to make!


If you are a dumpling fan then you will love Stephanie’s pick…

dump - Copy

Kroppkakor, or potato dumplings. Oh, My, but those look so good, especially since she served them with cranberry sauce.


Margaret went cliché on us and made….


Swedish Meatballs or Köttbulla – a throwback in the US to the 70s but always a favorite. And since no one made dessert and we always need dessert….


Äppelkaka or Apple Cake. Topped with slivered almonds and filled with apples it was a sweet ending to a delicious meal.

Thanks to all of our roaming cooks and bakers for a great trip. The recipes are on their blogs if you want to try any of these delicious dishes.

If you want to join in the travels just make a dish from the next month’s country {September we travel to Great Britain}, blog it and leave a comment below. We will include you in the roundup. And there is always room for one more traveler!!

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8 thoughts on “Visiting the Kingdom of Sweden

  1. Each dish looks yummy.

  2. Thanks for the round up! What a feast! Looking forward to next month, too….

  3. applec

    What a great job everyone did. I wish we could all get together and TASTE each others dishes.

  4. Such a fun group!! All of your foods look delicious. I’m with Joanne – wish we could taste each others dishes!

  5. I’m a little late with my English recipe but it was worth waiting for, I promise 🙂


    here is my great britain post. Thanks Margaret for all you do! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s dishes.

  7. Sorry to be so tardy (again!). Here’s my post:

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