Summer Vacation

My Kitchen My World is taking a break until at least September 1, 2014. See y’all then!

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May – Saudi Arabia

This month we are visiting the Middle East. I know there will be some tasty treats coming our way. Please leave your link.

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Christmas Desserts

We didn’t quite make it to Poland in November. It was such a busy month we all missed the bus! Not to worry, we will visit Poland January.

But we are doing World Holiday Desserts for December. Pick a country, any country and make one of their holiday desserts. And since we all need desserts for the holidays this one should be EASY!!! Blog it and send us a comment. No pressure!! Roundup in early January.

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Welcome to My Kitchen My World

If you are here then you followed the link from our old site.  We wanted to continue to explore cuisines of different countries and cultures but needed a new place to do it.  So here we are.  I hope you will come back and join us in our explorations.

In January we had Smörgåsbord and in February we were supposed to visit Portugal but we had to take a detour.  In March we were supposed to visit Liechtenstein but the road was closed.

Let’s start our journey again.  We found a new road to Liechtenstein so here we go.

If you want to join us just cook something from our host country, leave a comment and we will do a round up during the next month.

If you want to suggest a country for May just let us know in a comment and we will add it to the list.

Liechtenstein here we come!!!!

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