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Visiting the Ukraine

This month we visited Ukraine which is the largest wholly European country.


It is bordered by the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. At one time part of the USSR the country, the people, and the food is heavily influenced by all the countries it borders. Especially Russia.

This was my choice this month because I have several dishes from this area that are part of my cooking rotation. These include Holubtsi or Stuffed CabbageP1010844-001

The recipe was actually an old family recipe from that area. And with it we had Pyrohy or Boiled Dumplings, which I had not made before, and P1010800Mlyntsi z Kapustoyu aka Cabbage Blintzes. It was all good and definitely repeats.

Chaya made three dishes for us: 78 haluski ukraine

Haluski which is Cabbage and Noodles. 43 Ukranian Noodles with Spinach

as well as Spinach and Noodles and

67 Yanks'sUkranian meatball and Spinach Soup

Meatball Spinach Soup. All of those look DELICIOUS!! And all of them are easy to make.

From Joanne we have:


Pickled Beets. She said the first thing that came to mind for Ukraine was beets and she didn’t want to make borscht. What a lovely color they are!

Peggy fixed…

cabbage peg

Chicken Kiev and Cabbage Rolls. Those look so fresh and inviting.

Thanks to everyone who participated this month.

In August we are visiting Sweden. Why don’t you join us? Just cook a dish from Sweden, blog it, and leave a comment here. We will include it in the round-up.

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