Poland was delicious!

We are back from Poland, resting up watching the Olympics so we can visit our next Country this month.
Poland was delicious, if not a little cold, but the dishes we had really warmed up up. Since Poland was REBECCA’S choice we will taste her dish first.

She made

hobnob poland

PIEROGI filled with wild mushroom, Moroccan lamb, or sweet ricotta. I can only imagine how good those were. Makes me wish I was in Vermont – although maybe when it’s a little warmer!!! But you can visit her Blog and see the step by step for making PIEROGI.

PEGGY made a flavorful dish of CABBAGE AND KIELBASA

peggy poland

Peggy said topping the whole dish with crumbled bacon really brought out the flavor as did the red pepper flakes. Looks. So. Warm!!

JOANNE added to the Polish buffet with

joanne poland

GOLABKI, GOUMKIES OR JUST PLAIN CABBAGE ROLLS. Oh, my. Those look so hearty. And delicious. And what makes these really good – completely vegetarian. COMPLETELY!!


stephanie poland2

HALUSHKI which translates into Pork, Cabbage and Noodles. Now while I have had pork and noodles I have never had it with cabbage mixed in. I can only imagine the sweetness the cabbage adds to an already delicious meal. Finally, I think MARGARET and Peggy were conspiring on the side because Margaret made

marg poland


I’m thinking its a really good thing I have cabbage, noodles, Kielbasa, and cough rounds in my freezer and pantry. We may eat Polish all week long.

If you like to dabble in world cuisine maybe you should travel wit us. February finds us in the CZECH REPUBLIC. My taste buds are already anticipating all the Czech goodness.

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