Belize is WARM!!

It has been a tough winter for much of the US. So many winter storms. So much snow. So much cold. So when Peggy chose BELIZE for our March travels it was a GREAT pick.

Peggy’s Pick so we will start with her…

peggy rice

Belizean Red Beans and Rice – made with Coconut milk which Peggy said made the rice extra creamy. She followed the rice dish with…

peggy dessert Bread Pudding also made with Coconut milk. I bet that was tasty. Bread pudding is one of my faves so I will have to try it this way!! Peggy also started the meal with a cocktail, but you will have to visit Pantry Revisted to find out what it was!!

Stephanie also visited Belize with us. On her table was Belizean Stewed Chicken


That looks wonderful!! Stephanie said the sauce was so flavorful. What made this dish different than the usual stewed chicken – the seasonings!! But if you want to know what they were – go visit Stephanie!!

Margaret made Powder Buns


Made with coconut, she said they are cross between a scone and a biscuit. And just as tasty!!

Thanks, y’all for traveling with us this month.

Next month – ISRAEL!!

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Visiting the Czech Republic

February saw the travelers in CZECHOSLOVAKIA. It is bordered on the west by Germany, by Austria on the south, on the east by Slovakia, and Poland is to the north. Its capital and largest city, with 1.3 million inhabitants, is Prague A county with a violent history, renowned for musicians (Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana), scientists (Johan Gregor Mendel and Sigmund Freud), writers (Franz Kafka), cathredrals, and festivals its cuisine hasn’t changed much since its early history. Beef, pork, breads, cheeses, grains are still a big part of the diet and the country is always open to new ideas in just about every thing.

Czechoslovakia was Margaret’s pick. She said she chose it because she lives in a community settled in the early 1900s by Czech immigrants. Yearly festivals, historic homes, and friendly people are all part of her area. So let’s start with her dish.



While Kolache means pastry or sweet in the US it has become synonymous with a bread like dessert filled with cream cheese, jam, or poppy seeds. It is probably the most popular treat at the festivals.


Peggy made POTATO PIE


served with pork and sauerkraut it is the perfect Czech meal.


Traveling with us this month was also Stephanie who made us Obložené Chlebíčky which are lovely deli sandwiches…

deli sand

… made with hard salami, provolone cheese, sweet pickle, a slice of tomato, and a slice of boiled egg or potato salad, then was topped with ham, muenster cheese, sweet red pepper, a slice of boiled egg, and a dash of paprika. All typical Czech deli fare. Her sandwich buffet is wonderful!


And from Joanne we have Potato Pancakes aka Bramboracky

pot pan

These ‘pancakes’ are a poplular dish with many of the countries in the area of Czechosolovakia. Joanne’s look light and crisp.

It has been pretty chilly in the US this winter, so for March we are moving to a warmer place – BELIZE. Thanks to Peggy for March’s country.

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International Desserts for the Holidays

Those of us in My Kitchen My World did something a little different in December, thanks to Kayte. Instead of just visiting one country we visited lots of countries. Everyone chose a desert from the country of their choice. And there were plenty of delicious treats on Christmas tables.

So without further ado…..

Peggy starts us off with


According to Peggy,”Stollen is a German Christmas tradition dating back to the 14th century. My research found that Germans baked these loaves at Christmas to honor princes and church dignitaries.” According Chandler she would be arrested for having ‘stolen’ bread in the house. LOL Very Pretty, Peggy.

Rebecca made…


Flrentines are is an Italian pastry made from setting nuts and candied fruit into a caramel disc, which is then often coated on the bottom with chocolate. And in Rebecca’s case, drizzled with chocolate as well. Yes, please!!

With her English background I was not surprised that Joanne brought an English Christmas Cake {aka fruitcake} to the table.


Joanne says this recipe was handed down from her Grandmother and her Mother makes this 4 pounder every year. Full of fruit, nuts, traditon. Love tradition!!

Rounding off the desserts is Stephanie with her….


Noodle Kugel.

Kugel is a traditional Jewish dessert for Sabbath and holidays. This one is a Russian version. Made with noodles it also has graham crackers, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. Sounds tasty!! And how unusual!!

Seems Margaret forgot to post her cake. So here it is better late than never. She had surgery in December and says it just slipped by her!! Ah well. It LOOKS delicious


also known as Swedish Dark Spice Cake.

Thanks to all for their Christmas/Holiday treats.

January sees us visiting Poland. Wish you would join us.

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Exotic Islands of the Kingdom of Tonga

It is starting to turn cooler outside. In fact the snow is already falling in some areas. Including where some of our ‘Travelers’ live. So this might just be a good time to travel to the sunshine and beaches and beautiful waters of the Pacific and visit Tonga.

tonga-002tonga flag

Stephanie chose our destination for October because

    we have a lot of Tongan friends and church acquaintances in our neighborhood. I have grown to love the Polynesian culture, including and especially the food!

so We will start with her…

Lu Pulu, which is a made with corned beef and veggies, is commonly cooked in an earthen oven and wrapped in taro leaves.


But Steph did just fine on the stove top without the leaves since she didn’t have them. Actually, she didn’t have a kitchen either, so Way to Go!

Peggy made Tonga Toast


Her Tonga toast was made with Banana Bread and Banana Pudding layered between the slices. Bananas are right up there with coconut in Tonga.

There is a lot of tropical fruit on Tonga so Kayte gave us our fruit dish….


Papaya with Coconut Cream Sauce
Kayte’s was probably the simplist recipe even tho she had to sub tinfoil for banana leaves. Imagine that!

Following the coconut theme is .. well, everybody else. Seems coconut is VERY popular in Tonga.

From Rebecca we have coconut breadTongan Coconut Quick Bread which Rebecca made even better by using Vanilla Pods/Seeds from Tonga. She is the ONLY one I know who would actually HAVE Tongan Vanilla. Her loaves are lovely and full of coconut flavor.

Also using Coconut is Margaret with her P1030040

FaiKaKai (Coconut-Caramel Dumplings)
These are simple little dumplings with practically no flavor until you cover them with a coconut caramel and sprinkle with Coconut. Big difference. And then, because she had some caramel left over and a pile of sweet potatoes she also added


Sweet potatoes in Caramel Sauce.
Both are very very sweet, but very very tasy and very very easy to put together.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Exotic Tonga. You can find the recipes on their blogs.

November finds us at the other side of the world in POLAND! Why don’t you make a Polish dish and leave a comment below. We would love to add you to our World Tour.

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Visiting the Kingdom of Sweden

In August our virtual tour of different cuisines found us in Sweden. {And considering how hot it is in the south right now I wish we were REALLY there!!} The Kingdom of Sweden is it’s official name ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf since 1973. Bordering on Finland and Norway it is a country of differences – differences in climate, differences in geography. Dryer than many countries of it’s latitude, Sweden has much warmer winters than many parts of Russia, Canada, and the northern United States. It is Sweden we have to thank for Smörgåsbord, a lavash buffet serving, and Swedish Meatballs, which became a party must-have in the 70s. But the cuisine is simple with few spices and lots of fish and potatoes. Did our visitors find the food to their liking? Let’s look at our Smörgåsbord!

We will start with Chaya’s dish since Sweden was her choice for August.

Chaya made

65 sausage potato Swedish patties

Chaya called these a guilty pleasure. I can well imagine!


From Rebecca, our newest traveler, we have


Knäckebröd, a seeded cracker. Rebecca and her family raise goats and make cheese so it didn’t surprise me at all that she served these crackers with Goat Cheese!


Joanne of Apple Crumbles baked up some beautiful rye bread, or


Ragbrod. She served it with Chevre Rondelle cheese which she said was HEAVEN!!


Peggy gave us a main dish with her


Swedish Sailor’s Beef and Potato Casserole It looks filling and hearty. And easy to make!


If you are a dumpling fan then you will love Stephanie’s pick…

dump - Copy

Kroppkakor, or potato dumplings. Oh, My, but those look so good, especially since she served them with cranberry sauce.


Margaret went cliché on us and made….


Swedish Meatballs or Köttbulla – a throwback in the US to the 70s but always a favorite. And since no one made dessert and we always need dessert….


Äppelkaka or Apple Cake. Topped with slivered almonds and filled with apples it was a sweet ending to a delicious meal.

Thanks to all of our roaming cooks and bakers for a great trip. The recipes are on their blogs if you want to try any of these delicious dishes.

If you want to join in the travels just make a dish from the next month’s country {September we travel to Great Britain}, blog it and leave a comment below. We will include you in the roundup. And there is always room for one more traveler!!

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Bienvenido a Argentina

Argentina was the destination for May. So many good recipes to try….

Which is what Peggy and Margaret did. Tried some great recipes.

Peggy made….

peggy argen

That looks really good and she said she was pleasantly surprised by the dish and how good it was.

Margaret tried out a Coconut and Caramel Tart


and some Empanadas.


She said these were quite different from the meat pies she usually makes. These had paprika, cumin, and green olives, which would not have been her regular recipe.

For June we are traveling to


      cuban flag

Cannot wait to see what the dishes will be.

If you want to join us just find a Cuban recipe, blog it, and leave us a comment. We will include you in the round-up in July. this is a great way to try recipes from different countries – and meet new people along the way. Wish you would join us!!

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