Belize is WARM!!

It has been a tough winter for much of the US. So many winter storms. So much snow. So much cold. So when Peggy chose BELIZE for our March travels it was a GREAT pick.

Peggy’s Pick so we will start with her…

peggy rice

Belizean Red Beans and Rice – made with Coconut milk which Peggy said made the rice extra creamy. She followed the rice dish with…

peggy dessert Bread Pudding also made with Coconut milk. I bet that was tasty. Bread pudding is one of my faves so I will have to try it this way!! Peggy also started the meal with a cocktail, but you will have to visit Pantry Revisted to find out what it was!!

Stephanie also visited Belize with us. On her table was Belizean Stewed Chicken


That looks wonderful!! Stephanie said the sauce was so flavorful. What made this dish different than the usual stewed chicken – the seasonings!! But if you want to know what they were – go visit Stephanie!!

Margaret made Powder Buns


Made with coconut, she said they are cross between a scone and a biscuit. And just as tasty!!

Thanks, y’all for traveling with us this month.

Next month – ISRAEL!!

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Bienvenido a Argentina

Argentina was the destination for May. So many good recipes to try….

Which is what Peggy and Margaret did. Tried some great recipes.

Peggy made….

peggy argen

That looks really good and she said she was pleasantly surprised by the dish and how good it was.

Margaret tried out a Coconut and Caramel Tart


and some Empanadas.


She said these were quite different from the meat pies she usually makes. These had paprika, cumin, and green olives, which would not have been her regular recipe.

For June we are traveling to


      cuban flag

Cannot wait to see what the dishes will be.

If you want to join us just find a Cuban recipe, blog it, and leave us a comment. We will include you in the round-up in July. this is a great way to try recipes from different countries – and meet new people along the way. Wish you would join us!!

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