Visiting the Kingdom of Sweden

In August our virtual tour of different cuisines found us in Sweden. {And considering how hot it is in the south right now I wish we were REALLY there!!} The Kingdom of Sweden is it’s official name ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf since 1973. Bordering on Finland and Norway it is a country of differences – differences in climate, differences in geography. Dryer than many countries of it’s latitude, Sweden has much warmer winters than many parts of Russia, Canada, and the northern United States. It is Sweden we have to thank for Smörgåsbord, a lavash buffet serving, and Swedish Meatballs, which became a party must-have in the 70s. But the cuisine is simple with few spices and lots of fish and potatoes. Did our visitors find the food to their liking? Let’s look at our Smörgåsbord!

We will start with Chaya’s dish since Sweden was her choice for August.

Chaya made

65 sausage potato Swedish patties

Chaya called these a guilty pleasure. I can well imagine!


From Rebecca, our newest traveler, we have


Knäckebröd, a seeded cracker. Rebecca and her family raise goats and make cheese so it didn’t surprise me at all that she served these crackers with Goat Cheese!


Joanne of Apple Crumbles baked up some beautiful rye bread, or


Ragbrod. She served it with Chevre Rondelle cheese which she said was HEAVEN!!


Peggy gave us a main dish with her


Swedish Sailor’s Beef and Potato Casserole It looks filling and hearty. And easy to make!


If you are a dumpling fan then you will love Stephanie’s pick…

dump - Copy

Kroppkakor, or potato dumplings. Oh, My, but those look so good, especially since she served them with cranberry sauce.


Margaret went cliché on us and made….


Swedish Meatballs or Köttbulla – a throwback in the US to the 70s but always a favorite. And since no one made dessert and we always need dessert….


Äppelkaka or Apple Cake. Topped with slivered almonds and filled with apples it was a sweet ending to a delicious meal.

Thanks to all of our roaming cooks and bakers for a great trip. The recipes are on their blogs if you want to try any of these delicious dishes.

If you want to join in the travels just make a dish from the next month’s country {September we travel to Great Britain}, blog it and leave a comment below. We will include you in the roundup. And there is always room for one more traveler!!

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Visiting the Ukraine

This month we visited Ukraine which is the largest wholly European country.


It is bordered by the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. At one time part of the USSR the country, the people, and the food is heavily influenced by all the countries it borders. Especially Russia.

This was my choice this month because I have several dishes from this area that are part of my cooking rotation. These include Holubtsi or Stuffed CabbageP1010844-001

The recipe was actually an old family recipe from that area. And with it we had Pyrohy or Boiled Dumplings, which I had not made before, and P1010800Mlyntsi z Kapustoyu aka Cabbage Blintzes. It was all good and definitely repeats.

Chaya made three dishes for us: 78 haluski ukraine

Haluski which is Cabbage and Noodles. 43 Ukranian Noodles with Spinach

as well as Spinach and Noodles and

67 Yanks'sUkranian meatball and Spinach Soup

Meatball Spinach Soup. All of those look DELICIOUS!! And all of them are easy to make.

From Joanne we have:


Pickled Beets. She said the first thing that came to mind for Ukraine was beets and she didn’t want to make borscht. What a lovely color they are!

Peggy fixed…

cabbage peg

Chicken Kiev and Cabbage Rolls. Those look so fresh and inviting.

Thanks to everyone who participated this month.

In August we are visiting Sweden. Why don’t you join us? Just cook a dish from Sweden, blog it, and leave a comment here. We will include it in the round-up.

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OLA! And welcome to Cuba!

Yes, June was the month the members of My Kitchen My World visited Cuba.


And this time there were several us on the trip.

Peggy chose our destination this month so let’s start with her dishes.


    a steak/onion/potato mix that looks delicious. And with it they had


      Ensalada De Aguacate Y Pina

    a refreshing salad with pineapple red onion and avocado. Looks wonderful!

    Traveling with us was Stephanie. Welcome back, Stephanie, your Cuban Pork with Black Beans and Rice looks really good.


    Chaya joined us with her


    But that’s not all. Chaya also made: Black Beans and Rice with Mango

    98 black beans rice mango


    09 mango bread

      Pan de Mango which she too on a picnic. Chaya was busy this month with three dishes.

      Margaret made Tortilla Espanola or Spanish omelet with potatoes.


      It was quick, easy and very tasty as a side.

      Before we ate be started with Joanne’s Mojito3_thumbMojitos after which we were ready to PARTY!!!!

      Everything looks so delicious we may have to visit Cuba again

      But not in July! Because we are going to….

          THE UKRAINE!

      in July. Won’t you come with us. Just make a dish from the Ukraine and leave a comment here. We will include it in the roundup in August!!

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Bienvenido a Argentina

Argentina was the destination for May. So many good recipes to try….

Which is what Peggy and Margaret did. Tried some great recipes.

Peggy made….

peggy argen

That looks really good and she said she was pleasantly surprised by the dish and how good it was.

Margaret tried out a Coconut and Caramel Tart


and some Empanadas.


She said these were quite different from the meat pies she usually makes. These had paprika, cumin, and green olives, which would not have been her regular recipe.

For June we are traveling to


      cuban flag

Cannot wait to see what the dishes will be.

If you want to join us just find a Cuban recipe, blog it, and leave us a comment. We will include you in the round-up in July. this is a great way to try recipes from different countries – and meet new people along the way. Wish you would join us!!

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Liechtenstein and Beyond!

April was a beautiful month to visit Liechtenstein.  We only had one dish, but it was a tasty one. liech Margaret made Käsknöpfle which is a version of Mac and Cheese made with batter noodles and topped with fried onions.

And next month: argentine flag

      Venga a visitar Argentina!

Just make a dish by 5/31/13 and leave your link below to be included in the roundup the first week of June.

    Diviértase en la cocina./Have fun in the Kitchen!
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Welcome to My Kitchen My World

If you are here then you followed the link from our old site.  We wanted to continue to explore cuisines of different countries and cultures but needed a new place to do it.  So here we are.  I hope you will come back and join us in our explorations.

In January we had Smörgåsbord and in February we were supposed to visit Portugal but we had to take a detour.  In March we were supposed to visit Liechtenstein but the road was closed.

Let’s start our journey again.  We found a new road to Liechtenstein so here we go.

If you want to join us just cook something from our host country, leave a comment and we will do a round up during the next month.

If you want to suggest a country for May just let us know in a comment and we will add it to the list.

Liechtenstein here we come!!!!

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